Pricing Cost Information System (Pricing/CIS)

Shipment Costing can be integrated with SMC³’s Rateware and RatewareXL shipment rating products to calculate the revenue of each shipment being costed, based on the tariff rates specified by the user. This provides an automated method of shipment profitability analysis, particularly when costing prospective freight and when costing or re-rating files containing large amounts of traffic.

This add-on segment to the Cost Information System keys off of shipment data fields for article classes, discounts, fuel surcharges, accessorial revenues, and loading allowances, to be used in shipment revenue calculation. With the ability to store this additional data, entered in the same manner as other shipment input data (either via the CIS template, if constant amounts for the entire file, or entered / read-in for each specific shipment), the CIS can both cost and rate the shipment file.

The rating interface can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • Via the SMC³ RatewareXL program, the comprehensive rating engine hosted application that develops shipment revenue from their transportation pricing library of more than 4,000 tariffs (Note: interfaces are also available with rating modules from the Middlewest Motor Freight Bureau, North American Transportation Council, and/or Freight Carrier’s Association of Canada),
  • Via interface with the carrier’s own rating and billing systems,
  • or a combination of the above methods.

Once installed, the user simply supplies ZIP Codes and/or Postal Codes for origin and destination Locations, and, in the Revenue fields, supplies class (by article if needed), discount, minimum floors, and other rating information. Alternatively, user can supply profit targets to obtain feedback on discounts to achieve such targets.

Rating with Pricing/CIS is accomplished at the time that a shipment file is selected for costing by the CIS user. An on-screen window with an option to rate appears when the costing is initiated, displaying a menu of tariff choices. Once the tariff is selected, the shipment file is rated automatically and the shipment revenue is developed, prior to activation of the cost program.

The system can also calculate divisions and reduce your revenue for freight that moves interline to/from a connecting carrier.

TCG charges separately for the Pricing/CIS module. Contact TCG for charges, system requirements, and set-up alternatives.