Software for the Transportation Industry

TCG’s advanced activity-based costing and other software have gained wide acceptance among the leading Less the Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) carriers in the industry. TCG products operate on stand-alone personal computers and local area networks running Microsoft Windows. In addition to the products shown below, TCG offers custom programming and other analysis programs.

Less-Than-Truckload Cost Information System (LTL/CIS)

The LTL Cost Information System (CIS) is a comprehensive computer model developed by TCG which is customized for individual motor carriers who provide LTL/TL service via a terminal network. CIS combines carrier traffic and financial information with carrier and/or industry performance standards to develop the cost of individual shipments. The system processes freight bills or user-built shipment description files to provide accurate, specific cost information for pricing, traffic analysis, profitability analysis and operations/productivity analysis. Learn More

Truckload Cost Information System (TL/CIS)

TCG has the only truly credible Activity-Based Costing system for Truckload carriers, credible because it reconciles back to your Accounting & Finance, Operations, Sales, and Marketing data. It provides the quantified cost and profit information directly and indirectly related to each activity, each dispatch and each load in order to give you the tools to make recommendations, to take actions, and to make decisions that will improve your profits. Learn More

Traffic Cost Information System (Traffic/CIS)

An extension of either LTL/CIS or TL/CIS, this system routinely costs all traffic in each accounting period via interface with both cost and customer profiles to produce a costed data warehouse as well as standard monthly reports for account and freight terminal profitability. Users can also custom design reports to be run on any period or combination of periods in the costed database. The costed database can be used for analysis of virtually any traffic breakdown to enable users to “zero-in” on both profitable and unprofitable traffic segments. Traffic segments can also be re-costed under other “what-if” scenarios to enhance decision making and shipper negotiations. The system can be interfaced with onboard computers and/or bar code readers to allocate costs on the basis of the actual circumstances of each shipment’s movement. Learn More

Pricing Cost Information System (Pricing/CIS)

LTL Shipment Costing with either the Network or Loaded-to-Ride Systems can be integrated with SMC³’s Rateware and RatewareXL rating products to calculate the revenue of each shipment being costed, based on the tariff rates specified by the user, so as to enable evaluation of shipment profitability. This makes use of the extensive digital libraries of US and Canadian tariffs that SMC³ has available. Learn More

ProfitCenter Cost Information System (ProfitCenter/CIS)

ProfitCenter/CIS is a module of the TCG Cost Information System that produces freight terminal Profit and Loss (P&L) statements with accurate allocation of revenues based on the standard costs of activities absorbed at each location for each shipment handled. Traditional Terminal P&L Statements have always suffered due to revenue allocation inequities. This is because the Terminal P&L Statement relies on a fixed division of revenue (usually 50-50) between origin and destination freight terminal, as well as allocations of rehandling (breakbulk), linehaul and other non-terminal expenses, which can be arbitrary. Learn More