Traffic Cost Information System (Traffic/CIS)

An extension of either LTL/CIS or TL/CIS, this system routinely costs all traffic in each accounting period via interface with both cost and customer profiles to produce a costed database as well as standard monthly reports for customer and freight terminal profitability. Users can also custom design reports to be run on any period or combination of periods in the costed database. The costed database can be used for analysis of virtually any traffic breakdown to enable users to “zero-in” on both profitable and unprofitable traffic segments. Traffic segments can also be re-costed under other “what-if” scenarios to enhance decision making and shipper negotiations. The system interfaces with real-time experience from onboard computers and/or bar code readers to allocate costs on the basis of the actual circumstances of each shipment’s movement.

LTL Traffic/CIS Details

Traffic/CIS operates in a distributed processing or client/server environment interfaced with your downloaded mid-range or mainframe computer records. As monthly accounting closings occur, appropriate unit costs are developed through interface with the general ledger. These unit costs are applied to the freight bills of the month, utilizing the Cost Information System, to create a costed database of the month's activity.

Accurate application of costs is greatly enhanced by the interface of Traffic/CIS with any or all of the following data sets:

  • Customer Profile
  • Interline Profile
  • Pickup and Delivery Driver Trip Data
  • Monthly Costing
  • Reports

TL Traffic/CIS Details

TL/CIS includes the TRAFFIC/CIS module, and ongoing database built from carrier monthly load and trip data, downloaded to the personal computer. This enables accurate analysis of existing customers, lanes and other traffic segments, and provides a basis for evaluating the headhaul/backhaul implications of prospective freight as well. TCG provides record layouts for both load (shipment) and linehaul trip information, to be processed by the TCG software and loaded into a PC database, indexed by various criteria (order number, origin, destination, etc.).